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Auto Glass Replacement, Minneapolis

Having Your Auto Glass Replaced Is Easier Than You Might Think

To answer the question, How easy is the process to replace automobile glass, it is not difficult if you know what you are doing. It seems like anyone should be able to take out the windshield and replace it. The problem is that windshields and rear windshields are not just windows. They are actually part of the structural support of the vehicle. There are other issues that complicate the process. Those include embedded antenna, HUD systems, and even defroster strips.

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Minneapolis Auto Glass Repair And Replacement Services

We are located in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. We provide service to all of St Paul, MN. We work with private parties, dealers, and Insurance companies to return damaged vehicle glass to factory conditions. We are qualified to remove, clean and replace window glass, windshields, and rear windshields. This means that we understand how modern cars are assembled.

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Drunk Driving: Is Your Windshield Replacement Needs Covered by Your Insurance in This Situation?


You may have heard this story a few times in the past. A person who is drunk smashes their windshield after they run into a pole or some other immovable object. While the person does survive the accident, their car is not as lucky and will need major repairs done on it. The question that begs to be answered at this point is, will an auto insurance claim cover damages that are incurred due to drunk driving? Can you get your windshield replaced with the use of your insurance policy when the damage is brought about by your being intoxicated?

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How Dangerous Can a Cracked Windshield Be?


Ever find yourself in this situation? You are driving along carefully, not exceeding speed limits or anything, and suddenly a pebble or a small object hurls itself at your windshield and a crack is formed. Since the crack is rather small, minuscule really, and does not seem to affect your field of vision, you leave it be, thinking it is okay to drive around with it.

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