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You Are Not The Only One

Glass troubles? Get a free quote online. Tell us about your car and the damage and we’ll get right back with you. 

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Insurance and your Auto Glass

Do you know if your auto insurance will cover you in case of an auto glass replacement claim? The time to find out is before a claim. 

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Windshield Chip? Don't Let It Get Worse

You never know what pothole, set of railroad tracks or slight bump may cause a small problem to become a very big one 

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Windshield Replacement And Repair In Minneapolis

Do you have a cracked, scratched or chipped windshield? You might want to get that fixed as soon as possible; a cracked windshield can be incredibly dangerous, especially when driving at higher speeds. If you get your windshield replaced early enough, you may not require an entire windshield replacement. There are many ways more minor damage can be fixed that are both fast and affordable. 

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Different Types Of Windshield Damage

There are several types of windshield cracks, the majority of windshield chips and cracks come from small rocks or debris lodged or picked up by the tires from the cars driving near you. These rocks and debris are then released from the tires and ends up hitting your windshield. Let’s look at some of the common types of windshield damage and whether repair or replacement would be a suitable course of action.

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Common Causes of Windshield Chips

It can be a real hassle to get a chipped or cracked windshield. The four most common causes are listed below.

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Having Your Auto Glass Replaced Is Easier Than You Might Think

To answer the question, How easy is the process to replace automobile glass, it is not difficult if you know what you are doing. It seems like anyone should be able to take out the windshield and replace it. The problem is that windshields and rear windshields are not just windows. They are actually part of the structural support of the vehicle. There are other issues that complicate the process. Those include embedded antenna, HUD systems, and even defroster strips.

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Minneapolis Auto Glass Repair And Replacement Services

We are located in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. We provide service to all of St Paul, MN. We work with private parties, dealers, and Insurance companies to return damaged vehicle glass to factory conditions. We are qualified to remove, clean and replace window glass, windshields, and rear windshields. This means that we understand how modern cars are assembled.

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Call Us Today For Fast Windshield Repair or Replacement

The certified professionals at Centennial Glass make it look simple and do the job fast at your location with training and the best equipment. Do not mentally turn your chip into a bigger problem than it is, call the in the pros. We have over 25 years of experience and take pride in our work. Go with the company that knows the “job” is actually a skill and takes pride in every single job they do.

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Do Not Delay Auto Glass Repair If You Have Damaged Windshield

People often put off getting minor problems in their car fixed because they worry it will cost too much or be a hassle. An auto glass repair only takes about 30 minutes of your time and we will give you a no obligation up front estimate so you know what to expect. We also work with insurance companies, so if you carry auto glass coverage the process will be even simpler for you. Do not prolong getting that chip repaired another minute!

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