Do Not Delay Auto Glass Repair If you Have Damage or You May End Up With A Lap Full of Glass

Hail Damage Windshield RepairAuto glass replacement is a simple process that does not take as much time as you may expect. Auto glass repair takes even less time than a full replacement so do not put it off. It takes less than an hour to get your chipped or small cracks in the glass repaired. To save yourself time in the long run and get those chips repaired before they turn into cracks that require full glass replacement.

People often put off getting minor problems in their car fixed because they worry it will cost too much or be a hassle. An auto glass repair only takes about 30 minutes of your time and we will give you a no obligation up front estimate so you know what to expect. We also work with insurance companies, so if you carry auto glass coverage the process will be even simpler for you. Do not prolong getting that chip repaired another minute!

Why Not Wait To Fix Those Chips and Tiny Cracks?

  • A chip will eventually turn into a crack due to the steady vibrations of the car engine and the occasional slamming of doors and trunk lids. A crack is a harder fix than an chip.
  • Once a crack reaches more than a few inches it will require a full window replacement which will cost more and take a little more of your time than a simple repair would have to begin with.
  • If you try to ride around with a cracked windshield it is like playing Russian Roulette because eventually that crack is going to give in. It may be with your child sitting shotgun next to you, or it may be when you need to focus on driving down the highway. Do not risk it, glass does not typically shatter gently.
  • Even if the crack does not implode glass all over the car it is still a flaw in the structure of the entire vehicle. The windshield makes up to 35% of the structural integrity of the car. In an accident you want every bit of strength protecting you. A single chip compromises more than the appearance of the vehicle.
  • Chips, dings and cracks make minor obstacles in the vision of the driver. This may seem like no big deal but any blind spot is a risk at the wrong moment.
  • Putting off a small repair will cost you more in the long run by far.
  • Getting a small repair done typically takes less than half an hour.

Perks of Going With Centennial Glass

  • We can come to your home or business and do the repair while you work or relax.
  • We use the best tools and have years of experience in glass repair.
  • We can repair or replace all windows in the vehicle.
  • We employ only NGA Certified Installers
  • Free quotes and occasional discounts are available.
  • You will receive personal service from qualified professionals who have proven themselves before going out into the field.
  • We only use the very best quality glass and adhesives. This means that we guarantee our work, and it takes less time to dry so you can get back on the road faster.

Contact Centennial Glass for fast windshield repair or replacement in Woodbury, MN. We work with insurance companies and also take cash. The cost of a repair is less than that of an auto glass replacement so do not put off a minor repair. Call us today for an estimate and to see up an appointment with a NGA certified installer.

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