It can be a real hassle to get a chipped or cracked windshield.  The four most common causes are listed below. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to avoid.


Many times it is a rock that causes the chip. The roads you travel on everyday are covered with all sorts of rocks including:

  •  Asphalt- This is a big problem in construction zones.
  •  Gravel- This type of rock can come from the wear and tear of the roads.
  •  Airborne rocks-Rocks often fly out of the back of construction vehicles or pick-up trucks carrying gravel for driveways.
  •  Rocks- Your everyday garden variety rocks can become lodged in car tires, and when they un-lodged they too can become airborne.

While rocks are not the only common causes of chipped, broken auto glass, or a cracked windshield they do take first place.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature and her fury of storms comes in at number 2 for the most common reasons for chipped or cracked windshields, which may require windshield chip repair or windshield replacement. Sleet and hail can do a number on your windshield and when you’re driving there isn’t much you can do but weather the storm out and hope for the best. If you’re at home and have a garage, pull your vehicle in your garage, this will prevent any damage caused by Mother Nature.  


Flying debris can be a problem on any road, but it is an even bigger problem on the highway when cars are traveling at higher speeds. Debris usually consists of rocks, or objects in the back of trucks that are not properly tied down. At 70 mph a plastic cup that flies out of the back of a vehicle can chip your windshield. If possible try to avoid driving behind a vehicle that is carrying a load that is not covered securely with a tarp.

Weakened Glass

If you already have a small chip in your windshield both warm and cold temperatures can cause the glass to weaken and your windshield chip to become larger or crack.

Centennial Auto Glass is a family owned business, with over 25 years of experience. Their services include the following:

  •  Auto Glass Replacement
  •  Windshield replacement
  •  Chip Repair
  •  Windshield Chip Repair
  •  Rock chip repair
  •  Broken Auto Glass
  •  Cracked Windshield

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