There are a variety of circumstances that can lead to a search for an auto glass replacement company. A search may be initiated by an accident or even vandalism. A windshield may need a chip repair after getting hit by a stone while traveling on a road. That chip may even turn into a cracked windshield. The question is, how much will your insurance cover in such instances?

Well, first you should always take a look at your policy or call your insurance agent. If you live in the Minneapolis, MN area, you can also contact Centennial Auto Glass and we will work directly with your insurance company if you prefer.

Here are some common factors that can determine what, and if, your auto glass will be covered.

  • If you only have liability coverage, auto glass will not be covered. Some people only carry liability insurance. Liability insurance will only cover damage to the other vehicle involved in an accident, therefore your vehicle’s damage, including auto glass replacement, would not be covered.
  • Your deductible may play a role. The deductible is the amount an insured person must pay before a policy’s coverage kicks in. If, for example, you have a $500 deductible, and the damage is $800, you would be responsible for the first $500, and your insurance would pay $300.
  • There may be a difference between a repair and a windshield replacement. Some insurance companies may completely cover the cost of repair vs. replacement.

Centennial Glass is employee owned and insurance company approved. We have over 25 years in the auto glass replacement and rock chip repair business. We use only quality materials and adhesives. At Centennial Glass, we offer free mobile service that will come directly to your home or business to perform repairs. Our customers love our customer service that sets us apart.

If you are unsure of your auto glass coverage, the best time to verify it is before it is needed. Your insurance agent can be helpful in making sure you get the coverage you want.  When faced with a cracked windshield or the need for any auto glass repair or replacement we invite you to contact us. You can even get an easy online quote by answering a few simple questions. We look forward to serving you at Centennial Glass.