Chipped windshields often-times turn into more than just eyesores, which is why you shouldn’t waste time replacing your auto glass. The structural integrity of your windshield may become compromised, creating a myriad of risks for you and your passengers. Below are some reasons to either repair or replace chipped glass.


Repairs Equal Cost-Savings


If the chip in your windshield is minor and mostly an aesthetic issue, then it can be repaired by a skilled technician at a low cost. This is a preferable option compared to windshield replacement. DIY is also an option, but having an experienced professional fix chipped glass is likely a better option. You do not want to make a misstep and cause more harm than good. Even minor chips can turn in expensive glass replacement, which is why you should act to correct glass damage, as soon as it arises.  


Chips Can Crack


Chipped glass may start out as a blemish, but it can turn into a much more costly and dangerous defect. If water or debris causes your windshield to crack over time, because the elements exploited the chip, you may have a dangerous situation arise when you least expect it. You do not want your vision blurred at the wrong time when you’re navigating traffic on the highway, or when you’re driving down a busy street with lots of foot traffic.


Risk Mitigation


If you’re unsure whether your windshield needs repair or replacement, you need to seek the advice of trained auto glass professionals. There is no reason to leave an unnecessary risk present on your vehicle that can cause you great inconvenience or harm, especially if you have the time to deal with it now. So, if you’re in doubt about the safety or functionality of your windshield after damage, be sure to see a professional about replacement. The cost of having your vehicle checked out is small compared to the one you may have to pay latter down the road, after an accident.  


The best way to mitigate the risk of a chipped windshield is to have glass replacement specialists correct the issue. From new windshield installation to old windshield disposal, working with experienced auto body and glass professionals at Centennial Glass is your best bet.