If you’re not talking to ASE certified technicians about your windshield, then you’re probably getting incorrect information. Centennial Glass mechanics are certified professionals that have the training, experience, and knowledge necessary to identify real issues with your windshield and provide real answers and solutions. If you suspect that someone is giving you incorrect information about your windshield, you’re not alone. Every day new myths arise about auto glass. We’re here to bust those myths. Below are five of the most common:


1. “Auto glass replacement equals increased insurance rates.”

 It is true that insurance companies raise their rates when you make a claim. Windshield replacement, however, is not one of them. Most auto insurance companies in Minnesota will pick up the tab on your windshield repair or replacement for your safety and safety of your passengers. Centennial Glass can help you file your insurance claims.


2. “All windshield replacement companies are the same.”

Yes and no. Auto glass technicians perform the same functions, but at what risk to you? A qualified service center like Centennial Glass will distinguish itself in the following ways:


●        Fast, friendly service

●        Consistent work from vehicle to vehicle

●        Flexible enough to work on domestic, foreign, personal, and commercial vehicles

●        All mechanics are certified, insured, and well-trained

●        You’d be willing to refer them to somebody else


3. “You should replace your windshield if it is damaged.”

Again, yes and no. Windshields with larger cracks or missing sections should be replaced. If the glass contains small chips or scratches, however, we can repair it instead of replacing. We perform windshield chip repair including rock chip repair. Bring your car to our repair shop, and we can diagnose the problem as well as find the right solution for you.


4. “It’s okay if your windshield is cracked as long as you can still see.”

In Minnesota, it’s illegal to operate a vehicle if cracks cover the windshield. Beyond legalities, a cracked windshield limits your vision and makes your car unsafe for you, your passengers, and oncoming drivers. Although it is common to see car owners driving through town with damaged windshields, we do not advise it. You’re better off bringing your car to our auto garage.


5. “I can repair my windshield myself.”

Even if you can perform a DIY windshield chip repair or auto glass replacement, you should leave it to professionals to do the job. A pro repair from an auto specialist will ensure that the job is completed according to industry standards and regulating agency specifications. If you decide to replace the windshield yourself, you are at risk of improperly installing the window.


Get Your Windshield Professionally Replaced

Centennial glass specializes in windshield replacement, chip repair, and cracked windshield repair. We work on all personal and commercial vehicles in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. We offer fast service, low rates, and reliable work you can trust. If you need your windshield inspected, then call us today at 651-653-1777.