It’s time to head out on the road in your RV. Before you do, however, you may want to fix that damaged windshield. No matter how big your windshield is, cracks and chips in the glass can block your view and distract you as you try to drive.

Centennial Glass offers cracked windshield repair and chip repair for RVs and large vehicles. We can replace your entire windshield or repair the tiny cracks or blemishes. To schedule windshield service, contact our service center or drop us a message.

RV Safety During Your Vacation

If you’re like most RV owners, you are probably toting your entire family down the highway. Thus, everyone’s safety is in your hands. You can maintain a hazard-free ride by repairing or replacing the windshield or the side windows.

A damaged windshield will not provide the protection your family needs if you collide with another vehicle or veer off the road.

Centennial Glass can inspect your windshield and make the necessary repairs to restore the surface entirely. If the damage is extensive, we may need to replace the entire window.

Windshield Laws in Minnesota and Other States

Here’s a summary of the windshield regulations in the state of Minnesota:

● All vehicles must contain windshield wipers that remove rain.
● Windshields must contain a smooth surface that reduces the chances of shattering or flying glass if it is struck or broken.
● Replacement glass must meet state and industry requirements.
● It is illegal to drive a vehicle if the windshield is discolored or cracked in a way that limits the driver’s clear view.
● All cracks or chips that limit the driver’s view must be repaired or replaced.

Windshield Violations in Minnesota
Violation of the Minnesota regulations could result in citations and fines if a state trooper or law enforcement officer decides that the glass is unsafe for the vehicle.

It is also important to note that other U.S. states carry the same windshield regulations. Some states have stricter laws than Minnesota.

Your Insurance May Cover Windshield Repair or Replacement

Most auto insurance companies in Minnesota will cover your window replacement free of charge. Your rates will not go up, and you don’t have to pay for any service out of pocket.

Although most insurance companies have coverage limits, most policies cover the entire repair or replacement. Check with your insurance company to find out what your policy covers.

Centennial Glass Will Repair or Replace Your RV Windshield

Centennial Glass offers complete RV windshield repair or replacement. When you bring your vehicle into our service center, our certified technicians will assess your windshield and side windows and then repair or replace the glass to manufacturer specifications.

To schedule service before you head out on vacation, call us at 651-653-1777, or you can message us at