If you have noticed small blemishes or scratches on your windshield, you may discover that the windshield wipers are causing the damage. Faulty wipers can cause slight but noticeable damage to your windshield over time.

Windshield wipers can also create hazardous driving conditions when you are driving at night or when it’s raining or snowing. Streaks across the glass can block your view and make it difficult to notice curves, road signs, or oncoming traffic.

If you think that your windshield is scratched, then below are some simple steps that you can take to have the windshield repaired or replaced. If you have any further questions about your windshield wipers or windshield, then contact Centennial Glass at 651-653-1777.
How Windshield Wiper Blades Damage a Windshield
The rubber edge of a windshield wiper wears out in time. The exposed metal contacts the windshield glass and scrapes across it as the wiper oscillates side to side.

Since the blades are designed to press firmly against the glass, the wipers cause the metal to dig into the surface. The metal creates small indentations throughout the windshield. If you neglect to remove the wipers, the scratches and streaks will become more defined.
Faulty Wipers Create Hazardous Driving Conditions
A scratched windshield can lead to other problems that will arise over time such as:

● Driving distractions such as water streaks occur while the wipers are in use.
● Scratches reflect sunlight and headlamps from oncoming cars. Light is distorted or magnified, causing limited vision.
● The wiper blades will not wipe all the water from the windshield surface. Water will collect on the windshield and limit vision.
● New wiper blades quickly wear out due to the rough glass surface.
Windshield Repair or Full Replacement
If you believe that a faulty or worn wiper damages your windshield, then bring into our service center for a full inspection.

Our repair technicians can inspect your windshield to determine the extent of the damage and how we should repair the windshield. We can polish out the scratches and restore the windshield surface.

We may need to replace the windshield with an original factory or OEM glass to improve driving conditions and provide a more durable, sturdy windshield. We can also replace the old wipers and make recommendations on what type of wiper blades you should purchase for your make and model of vehicle.
Windshield Repair Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
If the windshield on your car or truck is damaged, then bring your vehicle to Centennial Glass. We provide full auto glass replacement and cracked windshield repair on all types of foreign and domestic cars. Our service extends to personal and commercial vehicle owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To schedule auto glass repair or windshield replacement, call us at 651-653-1777. You can also send a message to dave@CentennialGlass.biz.