One of the biggest misconceptions about car owners is that all auto glass is created and treated the same. In our latest article, we discuss some of the differences in glass and what type of glass you can expect when you buy a new or used car. The good news is, Centennial Glass technicians can perform auto glass replacement on any windshield or side window in the industry. Still, as a car owner, you should know what type of glass is on your car for safety reasons, insurance claims, and other possible scenarios where having this information is pertinent.

Understanding OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Since we install and repair auto glass every day, we often deal with whether or not to install products from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This is important for a handful of reasons:

● What will the insurance pay for?
● Can we find the same products from window manufacturers?
● Which products are the highest quality and safest?
● What is more affordable for you, the car’s owner?
● Does it even matter for some vehicles?

Make no mistake. Where the windshield comes from is an important issue that you should never overlook. So you should ask these questions. After all, a window from Ford Motor Company should be the ideal window for your Ford vehicle. We always take it on a case by case basis. For instance, some window manufacturers make glass as well as the original car manufacturer. Others, however, do not regardless of their claims.

Although all manufacturers in the industry are required to meet Federal Vehicle Safety Standards, there is a difference between engineering a first-rate windshield and just barely squeaking by. As a car owner, you should always be concerned with the safety of the people inside your car. For this reason, barely squeaking by isn’t good enough for your automobile.

Expensive Isn’t Necessarily Better
Like anything else, top-dollar windshields do not always equate to top-quality windshields. You should never gauge the stability of auto glass by its price tag when bringing your car to use for a windshield replacement. Several factors affect the price including the current market conditions.

So how do you know which auto glass is best for you? Trust the experts.

Centennial Glass technicians are ASE Certified. What this means is that we have the training, education, and experience necessary to make recommendations on which piece of glass is best for you. Since safety is our top priority, we place the stability of the glass above all other issues. For us, the criteria look like this:

● Who made the glass?
● Is it durable? Can it withstand weather conditions and impact?
● Is it safe for your passengers?
● Is it designed specifically for your vehicle?
● Will it hold once we install it?

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