The side windows of cars don't get nearly as much attention as the windshield, but they are just as important for the safety and security of your car. Because of this, you should have your broken side windows repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Here are some of the critical functions these windows perform:

Side Windows Let You See Approaching Traffic from the Side
Whenever you enter a street from your house, parking lot, or side road, you have to be able to see in both side directions before you proceed. Covering broken side windows with plastic or other materials blocks the view, so it is not a workable solution. This is especially true for the windows next to the front seats, but even rear ones should be left with a clear view. So-called "clear" plastic usually isn't clear enough to actually allow vision, either. Instead, it allows light through but prevents you from seeing what's coming toward you.

Side Windows Provide Security for Your Vehicle and its Contents
From a thief's perspective, a broken side window is the same as one that's been intentionally left down. Makeshift covers are no deterrents, either. All it takes is a solid yank to pull down a sheet of plastic or fabric.

This brings us to the second critical function of side windows: security. By having your broken windows replaced as soon as you can, you deter thieves far more than just leaving everything open.

Remember, this applies not only to theft of the car itself, but of whatever may be inside. Many thieves make it a practice to look for insecure cars and then steal wallets, car stereos, smartphones, and other valuable possessions. Locking your doors is only effective if the thieves can't just reach through the window instead.

Side Windows Keep Your Car Rain-Free

Rain in your car isn't just annoying; if it's an ongoing problem, it leads to mold growth and possible premature failure of interior adhesives. Therefore, the final important function of your side windows is to keep your car's interior nice and dry.
If you need car window replacement, don't hesitate any longer. Call Centennial Glass in Lino Lakes, MN today and have us restore the safety and security of your vehicle!