Not all windshield cracks and chips are preventable. Sometimes, you randomly discover windshield damage that appears to have come from nowhere. But the truth is, most windshield damage is caused by simple neglect. That might mean neglecting to practice safe following distance while driving, neglecting to park safely, and the list goes on.


Fortunately, there are plenty of simple things you can do to protect your auto glass from damage. Curious what they are? The windshield repair experts at Centennial Glass have the details below.


Avoid Gravel On the Road

Patches of gravel aren’t the worst thing you can expose your windshield to, but they certainly aren’t the best either. And when you live in the Twin Cities during winter, you’re bound to run into gravel on a roadway somewhere.


If possible, don’t drive in areas where trucks distribute gravel on the road if you’re looking to avoid windshield repairs. The tires on the vehicle in front of you can easily kick up small pieces of gravel and those rocks can projectile straight at your windshield. If you see a gravel truck on the road, do your best to avoid driving behind it too.


Practice the Three-Second Rule

One of the best ways to avoid windshield repairs is to practice maintaining a safe following distance when you drive. Ideally, you should leave three seconds of space between the front of your vehicle and the rear of the vehicle in front of you. When road conditions are poor, extend that distance to five seconds of space for safety’s sake.


Park in Covered Areas

When you park out in the open, any number of objects can collide with your windshield. Flying debris, hail, icicles, and other items can all crack your windshield if they hit it hard enough. To avoid cracks in your auto glass and the need for windshield repairs, park in covered areas whenever possible. Even a carport or vehicle tent provides more protection than nothing at all.


De-Ice Your Windshield Safely

When you live in the Twin Cities deicing your auto glass comes with the territory. But you must make sure you do the job safely if you hope to avoid accidental glass damage and unexpected windshield repairs. Not sure what safe de-icing entails? For starters, don’t use anything other than plastic tools to scrape ice from your auto glass. For more detailed tips on de-icing your vehicle windows safely, check out our article, How to Properly De-Ice a Windshield.


If Your Windshield Has Chips, Drive Carefully!

When your auto glass features small chips or tiny cracks, that damage can quickly grow if you aren’t careful. While prompt auto glass repair is the best way to prevent glass damage from growing, sometimes, you can’t make it to the shop quickly enough.


To prevent larger windshield cracks that may necessitate a complete windshield replacement, make sure you drive cautiously when your auto glass already has damage. Avoid potholes, following other vehicles too closely, and gravel-laden roads. Additionally, try to avoid slamming on your brakes and any other sudden jerky actions that could put unnecessary stress on your windshield.


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