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How to Properly De-Ice a Windshield

When ice builds up on your windshield, you will want to remove it. But many removal methods can harm your windshield. Here are three ways to remove the ice without harming your windshield in the process.


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How Long is the Warranty on Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass and what does it Cover?

How long is the warranty on windshield replacement and auto glass and what does it cover? When you have a broken car window, the glass and the installation should be covered by a written warranty. How long that warranty coverage lasts and what it covers is important and warranties can vary from one installer to another.

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Why is Auto Glass so Expensive?

The glass used in automobile windows is a special type of glass that is more costly because it is very different from home window glass. Auto glass replacement is a job for professionals, and that also adds cost.

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Should I Pay for a Cracked or Chipped Windshield Replacement so my Insurance won't Go up?

That annoying crack in your windshield is only going to get worse. Should you pay out of pocket or let your insurance handle it and will your rates go up if you do?

Unlike some types of repairs like a minor fender bender or a scratch, auto glass repair  or windshield replacement is almost always mandatory. A crack in your line of vision can be a violation that can  earn you a ticket. Even a small chip or hairline crack can " Grow" over time causing complete windshield failure.  Getting a repair as soon as is possible is best.

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