After you've saved money and bought the perfect car you always wanted, kept it clean and in perfect shape, nothing is quite as frustrating as finding a cracked or dinged windshield from nothing more than ordinary road conditions. The good news is your insurance will likely cover the repair, and it's a fairly common problem which isn't difficult to solve. At Centennial Glass, we help you solve this inconvenience of a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield. Learn about when you should bring your windshield in for a repair or replacement!



The repair process involves filling a small crack, chip, or ding with a specially formulated epoxy compound which fills the damaged area in such a way as to be unnoticeable. Chips and dings are fairly simple repairs, unless there are multiples which each need attention. Likewise, cracks can usually be repaired, but it's important to remember they get worse over time so in order to conduct a successful repair the problem needs to be addressed immediately. The main concept to remember is how the faster a repair professional is contacted, the better chances they have of conducted a repair before the damage expands and requires a full windshield replacement in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of getting your car back on the road and looking as beautiful as when you first bought it.



An especially large crack, or multiple chips and dings, may require a full windshield replacement instead of repairs. Of course, if a windshield is utterly broken after a traffic accident repair is no longer an option. Again, this is not the huge job you think it is when an experienced professional uses a proven technique to conduct the auto glass repair. Specialty tools are required which a typical car owner won't have, so stop on in to Centennial Glass if you believe your vehicle needs its windshield replaced, we can take a look and let you know what your next steps are!


Let a Professional Do Their Job

At Centennial Glass, we are windshield experts and can conduct a repair or replacement on-site, according to your needs and schedule. Since we use on-site mobile tools and equipment, we can conduct the repair at your house rather than you having to bring the car to our shop. When you need a windshield repair or replacement in the Twin Cities area, contact Centennial Glass at 651-653-1777 to take care of your needs quickly and efficiently.